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What We Do

KOV Entertainment is a boutique, award winning full-service design, producing and event management company with 18 years experience in live events.  We often work in tandem or as a silent partner with some of the top advertising and marketing agencies in the country, handling production design, logistical planning, and management.  Services available include those listed below and many more.

Production Design


Creative Consulting

Event Management

Art Direction

Technical Direction


Location Scouting

Estimating & Bidding

Crew Hiring Recommendations

Permitting & Site Management



Who We Work With


Jack Morton Worldwide, Inc

George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

ADM Productions, Inc

The Mandell Entertainment Group

MR Global Productions, LLC

Clearwing Productions, Inc

Activent Marketing


Marc Robin

Glenn Casale

Michael Bernard

Casey Hushion

Mark Madama

Donna Drake

Wayne Bryan

Charles Abbott

Peter Flynn

Bill Roudebush

Barry Ivan

Rachel Klein

Mark Martino

Lighting Designers

Nautilus Entertainment Design

Jim Tetlow

Kurt Doemelt

Ashley Kidwell


John Ingram

Charlie Morrison

Jesse Klug

Paul Black

Michael J. Eddy

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